DesignBuilder Overheating Training

This Overheating course will give you the knowledge you need to confidently use DesignBuilder’s CIBSE TM52 and TM59 summer overheating assessment tools. It is available as both a 1-day live online course and as on-demand online training.

The course will give you the skills you need to offer your clients reports demonstrating compliance with the overheating-related requirements of Building Regulations (including Part O), plus the knowledge to comply with relevant aspects of guides and standards such as BB101 and BREEAM using the TM52 and TM59 methodologies.

Course Content

The course largely comprises of practical sessions guiding you through the overheating analysis workflow in DesignBuilder. After an introduction, the course includes specific sessions on TM52, TM59, and BB101. By the end of the day’s training you should have a good grasp of how to quantify and reduce the risk of overheating for the main UK and Ireland regulations and schemes using DesignBuilder.

Please note that the weather files used in this training are free, but you must use the correct CIBSE weather files when producing DSM EPCs and BRUKL documents.

Please note that you must meet the course prerequisites below before booking this course.

This training is available as both a live online 1-day course and on-demand online training. The on-demand training includes the same content, and can be completed when convenient for you. It can be accessed as many times as you need for a full year, long after you may have forgotten some important details covered in a live one-day training course. The on-demand version is interactive and stops at key points to ask questions about important information in each session. You will receive the same course completion certificate for your CPD records, regardless of whether you choose the live or on-demand version of this training.

Please note that the on-demand training and software licences are separate. You don’t need a DesignBuilder software licence to view the training, but you do need one to follow the training in the software. If you require a 30-day DesignBuilder training licence to enable you to practise and consolidate your learning using the course materials provided please contact

Course Prerequisites

Modelling the overheating risk in naturally ventilated buildings is more advanced than UK Certification/NCM modelling using SAP, SBEM, and DSM. A prerequisite for this one-day overheating course is the ability to use DesignBuilder’s EnergyPlus calculated natural ventilation analysis tools. That ability could be via previous attendance on the relevant days of DesignBuilder’s simulation training, or by completion of the relevant online training, or from significant relevant experience using DesignBuilder’s calculated natural ventilation modelling tools. Without that knowledge you are unlikely to be able to follow the practical sessions. If you are taking the live 1-day course, the trainer will not have the capacity to upskill anyone without that prerequisite knowledge on the day. If you decide to book the course without the prerequisite knowledge, you would simply have to sit, watch, and listen to the trainer without further assistance if you fell behind.

If you need or wish to complete simulation training to prepare for the overheating training, we have also created a summer overheating preparation on-demand online course that includes all the sessions you would need to prepare for the overheating training. This on-demand overheating preparatory content is equivalent to 3 days of classroom training and includes the latest geometry creation tools, model data inputs, and setting up and running calculated natural ventilation simulations in DesignBuilder. Once purchased, you can access the on-demand training content as often as you need within your training license duration (separate licence required for DesignBuilder software). If you have little experience of using DesignBuilder’s simulation tools you would find this training excellent value. It would help you to prepare for the overheating course and provide a valuable reference resource to enhance your learning in the first year of using DesignBuilder for overheating assessments and other dynamic simulation modelling. 

To continue using DesignBuilder for Overheating after your 30-day training license expires, the minimum DesignBuilder software license required would be the Simulation module.

Summer Overheating (TM52/59) Training 1Y: online on-demand with 12 months access $295.20 Add to order
Summer Overheating Prerequisite Training 1Y: online on-demand with 12 months access $430.50 Add to order
Summer Overheating Prerequisite Training + TM52/59 Training 1Y: online on-demand with 12 months access $608.85 Add to order

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