DesignBuilder Online Training

DesignBuilder’s extensive on-demand online training content includes all the most important information you need to use our core simulation tools proficiently. The training will be a valuable resource for both new and existing DesignBuilder users:

  • Flexible, choose only what you need
  • Convenient and cost-effective
  • Intuitive, easy-to-follow training videos
  • Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Supporting content including exercises and models in some sessions
  • Completion certificate
  • Content developed by DesignBuilder’s expert technical staff
  • Focused on key functionality with tips to improve your productivity
  • Top tips from DesignBuilder Technical Support to help you avoid problems
  • Academic discounts are available, please contact to discuss your requirements.

“We found DesignBuilder’s new online training content super helpful, giving us a very fast and convenient way to learn DesignBuilder without the cost and hassle of travel, hotels, etc. It has really helped shorten our team’s learning curve and gives us confidence in using DesignBuilder for our upcoming projects.“
Junru Shen, Building Performance Consultant
Stantec, Vancouver, CA



Packages or Individual Sessions

Save money by purchasing grouped content in packages or have the flexibility to purchase individual sessions.

Convenient and Cost effective training

The training cost is significantly lower than the equivalent classroom training and it removes the need for travel and hotels

Interactive Videos

Including additional content such as exercise instructions, models and user guide to help consolidate your learning.

Monthly or Annual access

Choose a licence for a single month or for a full year, and access the content as often as you want in your licenced period.

Subject areas

The groups of content initially available are: geometry; model data; natural ventilation; daylighting; and detailed HVAC

Course Completion Certificate

On completion of each module you will be able to access a certificate equivalent to one hour of continuous professional development.
“UCL introduced both DesignBuilder and their new on-demand online training into our simulation-related curriculum in 2019. The online training content removes the need for us to teach software fundamentals, and that means our lecturers can focus on more specific/advanced priorities during valuable classroom time. Introducing DesignBuilder and their on-demand training to our curriculum has been so successful that we are exploring deeper integration of the online learning content within our teaching modules in the next academic year.“
Professor Dejan Mumovic CEng FCIBSE FIBPSA MASHRAE, Professor of Building Performance Analysis, Director
UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UK
“DesignBuilder’s on-demand simulation training helped us to get new employees up to speed much more quickly. The training covers all the main software uses and helped staff to become productive so that they could efficiently and confidently meet client needs much faster than they otherwise would. As experienced users of DesignBuilder we also found it very useful for updating and refreshing our own knowledge on the latest tools and techniques. “
Arch Daniele Alberico, Director
SGM Architecture, IT
“I used DesignBuilder’s on-demand online training to help provide a structure for my learning and found the training content to be first-class, providing the level of detail you need to gain a good foundation in the software. “
Jerry Diccox, Sustainable Buildings Analyst and EPC Assessor
Weald Energy, UK

Buy Online Training

Select training packages or modules from the subject groups below:

Basic Geometry
Basic Model Data
1 Month
1 Year
Basic Model Data Package (all modules below)
$250 $437
Model Data, Activities and Zone Merging
$27 $50
Constructions and Infiltration
$27 $50
Openings Model Data
$27 $50
Modelling Non-Standard Adjacency Conditions
$27 $50
Using Templates
$27 $50
Timing and Schedules
$27 $50
Heating and Cooling Design Calculations
$27 $50
QA, Simulation and Comparing results
$54 $100
Lighting and Daylight Control
$27 $50
Simple HVAC
$27 $50
Solar Shading
$27 $50
PV and Wind Electricity Generation
$27 $50
Natural Ventilation
1 Month
1 Year
Natural Ventilation Package (all modules below)
$70 $133
Natural Ventilation and Infiltration
$27 $50
Calculated Natural Ventilation
$27 $50
Mixed Mode
$27 $50
Daylighting (Radiance)
1 Month
1 Year
Daylighting package (all modules below)
$47 $88
Daylighting 1 – Model Data Inputs
$27 $50
Daylighting 2 – Calculation Options and Results
$27 $54
Detailed HVAC
1 Month
1 Year
Detailed HVAC package (all modules below)
$177 $333
Introduction to Detailed HVAC
$54 $100
Introduction to HVAC Hot Water Plant Loops
$54 $100
CHW Loop and Air Loop with FCU
$54 $100
Heat Exchangers and Radiant Surfaces
$54 $100
Internal and External CFD
1 Month
1 Year
Internal and External CFD package (all modules below)
$177 $333
CFD Introduction & External CFD Analysis
$54 $100
Introduction to Internal CFD Analysis
$54 $100
Internal CFD2
$54 $100
Linked EnergyPlus-DesignBuilder CFD
$54 $100
DesignBuilder Optimisation Fundamentals
1 Month
1 Year
DesignBuilder Optimisation Fundamentals Package
$110 $140
All Simulation Packages
1 Month
1 Year
All Packages
$550 $1060

UK/Ireland SBEM, DSM, and Summer Overheating
1 Year
All SBEM, DSM, and Overheating Training
SBEM for UK Certification Training
DSM for UK Certification Training
Summer Overheating Prerequisite Training
Summer Overheating TM52/59 Training
Summer Overheating Prerequisite Training + TM52/59 Training

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