Energy Assessor DSM Package

For use in England, Wales, and Scotland, the Energy Assessor DSM package is the fastest and easiest way to produce EPCs and Part-L documentation at NOS levels 3, 4, and 5. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are supported at NOS levels 3 and 4 through our SBEM interface, which is also included.

The DSM package comes with the EnergyPlus Simulation module for dynamic thermal simulation of building performance. This powerful simulation tool provides summertime overheating calculations for CIBSE TM49, TM52 and TM59, BREEAM, BB101 etc, heating and cooling sizing and energy/CO2 performance analysis for naturally ventilated, mixed mode and air-conditioned buildings.

The Energy Assessor DSM package includes 3 modules:

  • Certification
  • Visualisation
  • EnergyPlus
Energy Assessor DSM - 1 Year Licence, Single User $1,696.17
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Energy Assessor DSM - 2 Year Licence, Single User $3,052.86
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Energy Assessor DSM - 3 Year Licence, Single User $4,324.68
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