Formal Customer Complaints

We aim to provide the highest standard of services to all clients. A grievance procedure is available to ensure that the interests of our customers are safeguarded. It does not affect a customer’s statutory rights and should be considered complementary to any statutory legislation governing our business. There is no obligation for customers to use this complaints procedure however, we believe that it offers the best opportunity for the complaint to be dealt with to the satisfaction of both parties.   Our policy ensures that all parties are treated fairly and equitably and all complaints/appeals are processed in a constructive, impartial and timely manner.  Complaints are to be submitted in writing to Andy Tindale at Stroud House, Russell Street, Stroud, GL5 3AN.  This should contain description and reason for complaint.   On receipt of a complaint, we will acknowledge the written communication within 7 working days. Within 21 days, we will then inform the complainant of the decision made and any corrective actions we have taken or will take.

Appeals Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our handling of your complaint or the outcome of our internal investigation, write to: Mr Dave Cocking, DesignBuilder Software Limited, Stroud House, Russell Street, Stroud, GL5 3AN


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